I’m never gonna stop fighting for you, Emma. Ever.

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A community for Emma Swan & Neal Cassidy/Baelfire
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Welcome to swanfire!

A community dedicated to the relationship between Emma Swan & Neal Cassidy/Baelfire from the hit series Once Upon a Time. A place to post fanfiction, art, videos, etc.


  • Ratings are allowed, as long as it is noted before the cut.

  • All fanfiction should be behind the cut except for the title, rating, summary, and disclaimer.

  • You are allowed to have 3 icons for a preview and the rest should be behind the cut.

  • Any images, interviews, videos, or articles that contain spoilers for future unaired episodes must be under a cut.

  • That includes Icons, banners, and graphics that contain spoilers as well! Please leave them behind a cut.

  • Please be respectful towards others.

  • Any members who would like to promote a community can, but it has to be related to OUAT.

  • Please tag all posts!! You can use the available tags that we already have.